Jun 15, 2020

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There have been 10 incidents of piracy and armed robbery on ships off the coasts of India and Bangladesh so far this year, reveals a report by ReCAAP ISC, a piracy information group with 20 member countries, mostly in Asia. The half-yearly report also notes that in 2020, crimes against ships

Copyright Law in 2018: Top 10 Court Cases | Copyright Jan 18, 2019 Maritime Piracy in US Courts - Bullivant Houser Bailey PC In 2010 though, two piracy cases were brought in the federal court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The two judges hearing the cases interpreted the piracy statute differently. In 2012, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals resolved their differences. The first case, United States v. Yarrr! 3 Piracy Cases From Supreme Court History Sep 19, 2014 Songs on Trial: 12 Landmark Music Copyright Cases