Mac file sharing is what many Mac users usually have to deal with. These years, we also witnessed the rapid development of file-sharing and synchronisation technology. For example, Dropbox, the cloud-based file hosting giant, has recently patented a new technology allowing users to utilize a peer-to-peer network to securely share and collaborate on documents without the need to store them in

How to Share Files between Mac and PC -- Leopard and Vista Connecting to a Mac Share from Vista. To connect to our new Mac shared folder we need to click Start → Computer. In the address bar type the path to your Mac file share but instead of using afp:// just use \\. For example, my address is afp:// but I type in: \\ Now you can access the shared folders on your Mac. Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily Sep 08, 2011 Share your calendar in Outlook for Mac - Office Support

Living with Windows: sharing files | Macworld Sharing a Mac's files with a PC isn't that different from sharing them with another Mac: By default, your public folders are shared; you can share others by adjusting permissions in the Sharing

How to Share Printers Between Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs

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