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Splunk, the Data-to-Everything™ Platform, unlocks data across all operations and the business, empowering users to prevent problems before they impact customers. With AI-driven insights, IT teams can see more — the technical details and impact on the business — when issues occur. Splunk pass4SymmKey for deployment client -> deployment The Splunk server.conf file- has a pass4SymmKey option that can be set in a few different stanzas, so you can use a different value for different modes of communication. At a minimum, there is one in the [general] stanza and one in the [clustering] stanza. Splunk plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

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If you want send logs from a particular source (server/network/device) to splunk you have to install splunk forwarder on source device and edit inputs.conf and outputs.conf respectively. Inputs.conf monitors log files on source machine and outputs.conf forward them to splunk indexer.You can find these files at below location Community:Splunk2Splunk SSL DefaultCerts - Splunk Wiki

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SPLUNK ARCHITECTURE : DISTRIBUTED WTH INDEXER … Jul 03, 2020 Automatically Install Splunk and Enable SSL Encryption on