Oct 31, 2019

Allow traffic to/from specific IP with iptables in openwrt I have a tp-link router with openwrt. I have 2 iptables rules to block P2P connections. The blockings working fine, but now i need a rule to allow traffic to/from an specific IP. my blocking rules: FireHOL - Linux firewalling and traffic shaping for humans FireHOL is an iptables firewall generator producing stateful iptables packet filtering firewalls, on Linux hosts and routers with any number of network interfaces, any number of routes, any number of services served, any number of complexity between variations of …

Problems have been reported setting up aiccu and radvd together on OpenWRT []. This page recounts what worked for me on a Linksys NSLU2 running OpenWRT 10.03.1-RC6. The NSLU2 offers one just wired ethernet port and two USB ports. The general setup is a small home network connected to the ISP via a first-generation Apple Time Capsule.

May 04, 2016 networking - Linux OpenWRT IPv6 Neighbor discovery - Unix

Here is the default firewall file - not touched it apart from adding this extra rule. CAn you post your firewall file? config defaults. option syn_flood 1 option input ACCEPT option output ACCEPT option forward REJECT # Uncomment this line to disable ipv6 rules # option disable_ipv6 1. config zone

Enable port forwarding for the OpenWrt. 1 Log into your router using your username and password (Default IP:, Username: root, default password: none) 2 Click on "Network" then "Firewall" menu on the main menu at the top. 3 Click on "Port forwards" button under main menu. 4 Click on "Add " Implementing IPv6 6to4 on OpenWRT – SysteMajik Consulting