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Perfect Privacy VPN is a Swiss-based service that launched in 2008. Like its name, they aim to give their user base a perfect privacy solution for browsing the Internet. Perfect Privacy is infamous for its high subscription costs, but this shouldn’t be an issue if everything worked as intended. Bezahlen im Netz | Perfect Privacy Forum Dec 20, 2014 Fragen & Antworten (Q&A) | Perfect Privacy Forum Jul 13, 2020

Features. There is a very high-quality list of features that come with their service. We have tested these in detail with the help of the client suited for Windows.

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Perfect Privacy Review - Is It As Anonymous As They Say May 28, 2019 Perfect Privacy Private Domain Registration Protects Your Perfect Privacy® eliminates these risksby ensuring that your personal information stays private. By signing up for Perfect Privacy when you register your domain, our information is published in the WHOIS database, instead of yours. Equally as important, with Perfect Privacy you retain the full benefits of domain registration.