About Telnet Client Scripting The Script Editor is a component of the Wavelink Telnet Client. The Script Editor provides the ability to create and execute scripts that automate processes on the Telnet Client. The Script Editor is included in Telnet Client 5.1 and later versions.

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windows - Tool to script telnet connections, commands, etc

Telnet - Windows CMD - SS64.com Telnet Scripting Tool - by Albert Yale (Freeware). TlntAdmn.exe - Telnet Server administraton tool (start, stop, configure). SSH - OpenSSH remote login client. Equivalent bash command (Linux): telnet - Communicate with another host using the TELNET protocol. …

scripting - Can the Windows telnet client be scripted

Telnet Scripting Tool 1.0 - MoonPoint Support Weblog Dec 29, 2008 Telnet Automation with PowerShell made simple… – Max Here’s the sample VBScript code use to send commands to a Telnet session: (keep in mind, I’m connecting to Microsoft Telnet in this scenario) [sourcecode language=”vbscript”] set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") oShell.run("Telnet") WScript.Sleep 1000 Telnet using PowerShell - Techibee.com Sep 10, 2017